Locke Chinatown Ghost Tour as seen on Ghost Adventures near Sac @ 13920 Main St, Walnut Grove, CA 95690-9759, United States, Sacramento [20 January]

Locke Chinatown Ghost Tour as seen on Ghost Adventures near Sac

18:00 - 21:00

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13920 Main St, Walnut Grove, CA 95690-9759, United States
$25 per person cash on arrival (please have exact change)

As seen on Ghost Adventures GAC 's episode on Locke Chinatown (Zak and the crew will not be present, this tour is led by a psychic-medium/paranormal investigator using ghost hunting equipment and a spirit communication device called a Portal in 3 of the same buildings featured on the TV show including the brothel rooms only accessible on this tour). Locke is 30 mins ± from Sacramento / Lodi / Stockton in the delta near Rio Vista / Walnut Grove / Isleton and is one of the most haunted places in California if not the USA!!!

** The Locke tour is FULL at 60 marked «going»/RSVP ** names will be noted once limit is reached. Please read all info below and any new posts for updates. Thanks -Ryan

**Please mark «going» as your RSVP (60 limit), If you have family/friends not on FB who are planning on attending and can't mark «going» please mention them in a post. Cash payment on arrival accepted (only). No other forms of payment accepted. Please have exact change, I cannot break large bills. The only ATM in the area is a bank in Walnut Grove or Isleton but not on site with the delta tours. 13+ yrs. old accompanied by adult relative or guardian at all times. Thank you

**** $25 cash on arrival, please have exact change, no other payment forms accepted **** 13+ w/ adult relative, this tour is NOT kid friendly and can be scary, adult language is also used, so use your own discretion. No minors allowed without adult relative present at all times. A liability waiver must be signed by all.

*6-9PM approx. (6:00PM check-in @ the schoolhouse on Main St. as you pull into Locke several bldgs down from the infamous leaning Star Theatre featured on Ghost Adventures) 13920 Main St, Walnut Grove, CA 95690 (no address is posted on the building, look for the 2 large Asian statues). Sign-in is at 6PM (please arrive at that time or a little earlier) the investigation starts after waiver sign-in/equipment checkout/history telling and goes to about 9PM. Please arrive early to find parking in back parking lot or on River Rd. AND to have enough time to get dinner if you're eating in town (they can be busy/slow serving). They quit serving food by the time the tour ends at Al the Wops, or the Chinese Garden restaurants & in Walnut Grove except maybe the pizza place. You are encouraged to take pictures/video if you so wish, you never know what you might capture! Please send my way if you do capture anything-thanks :) all 3 buildings we investigate are featured on Ghost Adventures--The Dai Loy gambling hall/brothel/opium den & the Tong mafia building along with the Chinese schoolhouse/meeting hall. Weather, street noise and time permitting we «may» investigate outdoors by the Star Theatre and/or memorial garden or by the boarding house if people are interested and if I don't have a private home investigation or time constraints after the tour. If you are staying at the Ryde Hotel or a B&B in Walnut Grove or Rogelio's Hotel in Isleton, let me know, I may join you for a little bit, no charge, we'll just have to be downlow about the noise so we don't disturb other guests :)

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: **please save all paranormal questions/stories until the end of tour and not during sign-in time or during the tour since we have a time constraint w/ how long I'm allowed in the museums and we have 3 buildings to investigate and the first one takes longer than the others. Please also refrain from prolonged personal conversations during the main part of the tour as well, since that's distracting from others during the spirit box sessions when we're trying to listen for spirit voices. If you need to make a call please do so outside the building (leave borrowed equipment inside) and if you're texting in the building, keep in mind that falses equipment used in your vicinity & I would prefer you do that as well outside or in an isolated part of the building away from the group at least-thank you**

A liability waiver will need to be signed upon arrival along with your $25 per person cash payment. 13+yrs.old* accompanied by adult family member. No refunds on the day of the tour/no exceptions. Payments in advance via PayPal can be refunded up til 9PM the night before the tour, after that, no refunds. **In the event you, or your child/minor under your supervision damage/lose/steal a borrowed ghost hunting equipment item during the tour, you accept responsibility for paying for the value of the item.

You may want to bring a flashlight which is not provided and you're welcome to bring your own ghost hunting gear or apps as long as you keep the volume down or off while I'm doing a ghost box session w/ the group. Phones should be on airplane mode or off during the investigations to avoid falsing equipment readings you're using or used by others nearby you. I recommend the FREE app Ghost Radar (red app by SpudPickles) for either Android or iPhone. It is similar to an ovilus. 'Spiritus' by Chilseekers ($13) is also a good app (using apps on tours is optional). I provide equipment in exchange for your driver's license/official military/school ID/credit/debit card if you have kids w/ you, until the item is returned. Business/library cards not acceptable exchanges.

Please have exact cash or make change in one of the restaurants nearby (I cannot break large bills and there is no ATM in Locke, only in nearby Walnut Grove at the bank about 5 mins drive away). This tour is rain or shine, however we may not venture outdoors if it's raining or may stay under eaves, usually the tour ends about 9PM after we investigate the 3 haunted buildings featured on GAC.

**There is a caveat with the Locke tour, I need a minimum of 15 people to «actually» show up to ensure this tour, otherwise I may have to cancel it (and will post this in advance and contact everyone who marked «going». 15 marked going doesn't mean 15 actually show up since people cancel/don't show, so I need at least 30 to mark «going» and may cancel if less mark «going» or if not enough people respond back to my posts. If you bring people who don't use Facebook and can't mark «going» let me know in the comment posts. I have and will block people who habitually do not show up or cancel last minute, so if you aren't sure you can go or know you and your friends will mass cancel if one friend won't go, please do not sign up. Skeptics are welcome but be respectful if you choose not to believe/be open-minded. If you are easily offended by talks about God/Jesus/angels/demons/witchcraft/occult/profanity/prostitution/afterlife/etc. this may not be for you. This is not the typical ghost tour where you only hear history/anecdotal ghost stories, we do actually investigate and try to make spirit contact, the spirit portal box sessions are the main focus of the tours. I do give history/ghost stories, partially to coax them into talking/interacting with us. People do get spiritually/energetically drained on the tours (very common), touched (occasionally) and other bizarre things can happen including objects moving (rare), minor-temporary scratches from spirits (rare) and drained phone batteries/equipment batteries (very common) some spiritually open people hear disembodied voices not from the spirit box or see shadow figures/light anomalies/orbs w/ or w/o cameras (fairly common).

I only provide spiritual cleansing/protection after the tour (holy water/essential oil spray that I make and use to help prevent spirits from following people home (which isn't common but just to be on the safe side). I also say the Lord's prayer in Latin & St. Michael prayer. I will not stop mid-tour if you decide to leave early to cleanse-please be aware of this. You can always smudge yourself if you leave early or forget. Also please return any borrowed equipment. The spirits on this tour can be grumpy, some are friendly, some are «randy» since these were former brothels, but nothing really malevolent happens, however if you know you're an empath/sensitive/psychic/medium you should ground & shield yourself because it can be overwhelming at times for those type of people. I do welcome any other empaths/psychics/mediums--please let me know if you are if you don't mind. You can (optional) wear grounding stones like hematite/magnetite/quartz/black tourmaline, etc. to help you ground but this isn't required and I myself do not use such things because I prefer to be completely open to draw the spirits to me and they can serve as 'blocks'.
Private tours can be arranged but again I need at least 15 people (friends &/or family), I can arrange tours in Locke chinatown, Isleton chinatown, Modesto, Knights Ferry, La Grange/Roberts Ferry or out in the country in the 209 at 1 or 2 cemeteries for private tours as well. I may be able to arrange tours elsewhere such as Modesto, Knights Ferry, Locke or elsewhere but definitely need 15 or more people for most tours--I can do less for Modesto since it's local for me, some driving is required for the 3 sites we typically go to on the Modesto tour. (you drive yourself, no shuttle).

*(IF YOU PLAN ON STAYING THE NIGHT :) I recommend the very haunted art-deco Ryde Hotel nearby across the river heading south, although we will not go there during/after the tour. Room 201 is probably the most haunted if you can get it--people get touched there and we've heard knocking noises, voices and odd smells, 203, 205,206, 209 is also quite active as is the hallway on that right wing of the building (from the street). 302 & 306? are also very haunted as is the speakeasy women's bathroom, tv lobby, front bar area, kitchen, washroom, parking lot and garden/gazebo. The current hotel is the 3rd Ryde Hotel, the 2 previous hotels were located in the parking lot--the first burnt down). Bring bottled water, the tap water is metallic well water. If you stay the night, check out Locke during the day, the boarding house is one museum building we don't investigate, I've heard it's 'somewhat' active upstairs and have seen lights on late at night long after the museum closes, museums open at 11AM and most close at 5PM. There is also a haunted grocery store down from the Ryde Hotel where I saw a full body apparition and my friend got smacked in the tush and an ice cream/sandwich shop in Walnut Grove that is supposedly haunted, I sensed something in the bathroom but didn't formally investigate. Al The Wops (former brothel) is also active in Locke, I have investigated with equipment there and have videos on youtube.

Here are some youtube vids of mine from past tours or investigating w/ friends in Locke:

*Spiritual protection AFTER the tour will be provided free of charge to those who request it only--if you leave early during main tour time (Locke: 6-9PM -spring/summer or 5-8PM -winter/fall) then I will not stop what I'm doing to provide spiritual protection so keep that in mind. You can always smudge yourself too which is easy to do. Please let me (Ryan) know if you need to leave early and return any borrowed equipment and get your driver's license back. Also, please save personal paranormal stories until the end of tour (or contact me online) since we have a time constraint w/ how long we're allowed in the museums in Locke to investigate--thank you*

(Locke/Walnut Grove is about 30mins SW of Sacramento and same NW of Stockton in the delta- 1 hr from Modesto & about 40 mins from Antioch, Tracy, or Fairfield)

PRIVATE TOURS: for up to 15 people (friends/family/coworkers), I can arrange tours in Locke Chinatown, Isleton Chinatown, Modesto, Knights Ferry (late Fall/Winter/early Spring), La Grange/Roberts Ferry ,Chinese Camp, Milton, Buena Vista/Ione, Hornitos, Snelling, Grayson/Patterson or out in the country in the 209 at 2 cemeteries (east of Manteca/Stockton) for private tours as well. Prices vary, Locke or Isleton would be $400, $300 for most other tours except Modesto which would be $250 as it's local for me (you drive yourself, no shuttle provided).

**Disclaimer: By attending this event you agree to not hold Ryan Privee/CV Historical Ghost Tours or any establishments being investigated responsible for any potential injuries or ailments caused by falls/debris, other tour guests or the paranormal, etc. All minors within the age limit permitted must be kept under the watchful eye of an adult relative and that adult relative must sign for them on the liability waiver form. No refunds are given on or after the day of the tour, no exceptions, some tours have a no refund policy before the tour date so read carefully. Most tours you can pay cashs on arrival but there are exception such as a tour overbooking on the «going» list which is out of my control so then I have to either have people pay in advance via Paypal or I may allow people to contact me direct by email to get permission and pay on arrival. Certain tours may be Paypal/pay in advance only and depends on various factors such as the establishment being investigated. All borrowed ITC (ghost hunting) equipment must be returned by the end of the tour or at each location if multiple locations w/ driving inbetween is applicable. It is your responsibility to bring a flashlight and dress appropriately for the weather/terrain. Please wear comfortable shoes/boots and not sandals/flipflops nor high heels. Wearing dark colored clothes is optional but recommended. It's recommended not to wear cologne/perfume as well in case we get «phantom smells». Keep phones on airplane mode or turned off so as not to false EMF devices. Thank you-Ryan

**In the event you, or your child/minor under your supervision damage/lose/steal a borrowed ghost hunting equipment item during the tour, you accept responsibility for paying for the value of the item
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